Below are some examples of the type of Lego Activities we have available for your Birthday Party

Let us build your child a Bricktacular Birthday Party!

We run many custom designed birthday parties and keep the children totally entertained for two hours. We are passionate about providing a fun experience and tailor our itenirary specifically to your child after discussion with your family.
Our parties are Lego Themed but we also do loads of other activities – pass the parcel, mystery Lego builds, Colouring in, Dancing Games, Obstacle Courses, Light Sabers, costumes, art and crafts, jewellery making etc along with Lego Build Challenges. We have hosted parties with a Star Wars, Ninjago, Unicorn, Lego Friends, Minecraft, Lego Dinosaur, Lego City Planes and Cars, Lego Movie, Pokemon, themes. We also do motorised builds and Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics birthday parties.

We do not offer Package A, B or C!

We believe every child is unique and their birthday celebration should reflect their interests and their idea of fun. For 15 + children and over we have two party representatives. We often have 30 + children and keep them totally occupied so you can relax. Our girl birthday included themes such as Unicorns, Animals, Lego Friends, Lego Super hero’s and Lego Jewellery Making. We travel to your home or your venue of choice and cover all of Melbourne and beyond. We may charge a travel fee depending on your location to cover road tolls and longer travel distances.

Our pricing starts from $375.

If you would like us to put together a more detailed party plan for you, please contact us.

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What Our Clients Said

Alison hosted an amazing party for Fionn’s 7th. All the boys were completely obsessed with building their robots. The quietest party I have every seen. Highly recommended to all.


I would recommend Alison in a heartbeat. She was a best friend at a potentially stressful time and helped me enjoy the day with our friends and family instead of rushing around trying to do it all!


I was really impressed at how engaged the children were over the two hours and the amount of activities Alison had planned.


Any questions, please feel free to reach out