NDIS Support Workers & Lego Therapy

Playing and building with Lego in a therapy setting helps to promote social skills and assist with everyday skills such as sharing, taking turns, problem-solving and assisting with language and communication. The Brick Kit can provide Lego Therapy in your own home along with Lego Building, Lego Robotics with WE Do 2.0, and Lego Boost. We are happy to work with your child’s Occupational, Speech Therapist and or Psychologist on specific goals using Lego to help your child improve their communication, behavioural, social, or independence skills.

Our overall aim however is for children who may normally miss out on attending a Lego Class are able to experience one within the safety and comfort of their own home.

Being creative and hands on in with Lego itself also helps with your child’s confidence and helps to build independence and resilience. We get that your “Super Kid” may not be able to attend classes with other children or may need a one on one experience with Lego and Lego Building.


What Our Clients Said

Alison hosted an amazing party for Fionn’s 7th. All the boys were completely obsessed with building their robots. The quietest party I have every seen. Highly recommended to all.


I would recommend Alison in a heartbeat. She was a best friend at a potentially stressful time and helped me enjoy the day with our friends and family instead of rushing around trying to do it all!


I was really impressed at how engaged the children were over the two hours and the amount of activities Alison had planned.


Any questions, please feel free to reach out