School Lunch Classes

Our aim is to spark curiosity

Our aim is to spark curiosity in subjects that students may not have encountered in their normal school day. The Brick Kit combines Lego® bricks with a specific STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) subject focus to provide an exciting hands-on experience for students. Our unique classes include local and national subjects and are created with input from teachers and engineers. Aimed at the younger primary school years, and utilising Lego® as a fun twist to engage student’s creativity and learning, our classes building confidence and social skills. And they are fun!

Having provided our program to a school for now over three years we are proud to say that we have never run the same class twice. We have explored the history of Australian Camels, Wind Farms in Wonthaggi, Melbourne’s Water Supply and Melbourne’s iconic bridges to name just a few local subjects.

New fun classes are created every term.

Real-world challenges using Lego

After School Classes

After School is a great time for fun and creativity using Lego® We Do 2.0 robotics. The Brick Kit combines Lego® Robotics, programming, and lots of creativity to provide a unique after school program in which children build motorised models and bring them to life via coding.

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Fantastic Learning Experience

First Lego League Explore

With an objective to build an interest in science and engineering concepts children aged 6 to 10 work through a real-world challenge using Lego® and then present their findings and Lego® Models at the Lego® Junior Exhibition. This is fantastic team building and learning experience for students and we have been participating in this program since it was first brought to Australia.

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What Our Clients Said

Alison hosted an amazing party for Fionn’s 7th. All the boys were completely obsessed with building their robots. The quietest party I have every seen. Highly recommended to all.


I would recommend Alison in a heartbeat. She was a best friend at a potentially stressful time and helped me enjoy the day with our friends and family instead of rushing around trying to do it all!


I was really impressed at how engaged the children were over the two hours and the amount of activities Alison had planned.


Any questions, please feel free to reach out